April 21, 2011

Bila haTi dah Suka

sometimes kita x sedar pun yg kita sebenarnya telah jatuh cinta...

Recently I've noticed
I'm so into you
I feel like I'm flying
And the sky is always blue

I don't want to ruin the friendship
But I'm falling in deeper
You have a girlfriend,
but my love grows steeper

I thought there was something
When it began to grow
Everyone saw it
But we didn't know

And now that you're taken
I've realized I care
I know I love you
I know your there

But we're best friends
I've never thought of you that way
Even when people said
that we'd go out someday

We'd always just laugh
And ignore what they said
But now I'm just confused
with these thoughts in my head

Suddenly I love you
I might have all these years
But it just took time,
laughter, and tears

Why couldn't I see it
Have I always loved you
Maybe now I want you

because I can't have you

All I know is
These feelings I have are true
If I had to believe in one thing
That thing would be you 

I don't even realize that I actually love you..
But.. .. I now know that I am missing you..
I now realize that  I can't afford of losing you.

p/s : utk awak.. sy just dpt doakan agar awak bahagia dan happy dgn life awk sekarang.. Well.. I do hate it when I realize that I love you.. Quite sad jugak bila jatuh cinta dgn org yg x sepatutnya and pada masa yg x sepatutnya.. tapi pape pon.. sy happy and bahagia dapat kenal and jadi kawan awk walaupun awak actually mgkin terpaksa kawan n layan karenah saya..

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